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What is it

The software product for retail services payment and loyalty management, created by SoftDrive.

If you have a selling services business that takes up a large area and has several dozen profit points, then CashFusion will connect you, your equipment and the buyer. This product is as important for your business as a central nervous system of a person. Loyalty management, performance analysis, and countering abuses - tasks that CashFusion has been successfully solving since 2005.

CashFusion Timeline

  • 2005
    Development and installation of a payment for services and loyalty management system CashFusion 1.0 (soft + hard). 50 machines and attractions with a 7 different card levels discount program
  • 2006
    Installation of automatic information terminals for card replenishment with exchange for tokens for coin pusher. Added the opportunity of work both on tokens and cards together.
  • 2007
    Development and installation of a payment for services and loyalty management system CashFusion 2.0 (only soft), implemented "Time-card" function (payment for the time played)
  • 2008
    Implemented synchronization between the three FECs. A prizes store with manual ticketing was added to the system. Development and installation of a payment for services and loyalty management system CashFusion 2.0 (only hard) using data transmission modules based on the "zigbee" technology.
  • 2010
    "Arcade Game Ticket Dispenser" with parallel count of the issued tickets amount was connected to the system. Possibility of automatic crediting of tickets on any devices and attractions has been added, plus accounting staff actions, selling complex composite packages of services (with a time limit, the number of games limit, the time of use).
  • 2011
    Development and installation of a payment for services and loyalty management system CashFusion 3.0 (soft + hard + RFID). The largest FEC in Ukraine has been automated: an ice rink, 130 machines, 6 cash points, 27 turnstiles, 5 information terminals. The functions of pledge, fine, sale of goods, simultaneously with the use of "Time-card" and a combination of different devices/ rides/ visits were realized. That gave practically limitless tools for managing the FEC loyalty system. Coverage area of this FEC is ​​more than 13000 m2 with processing several hundred transactions per second.
  • 2012
    The introduction of "E-ticket" (full emulation of the "Arcade Game Ticket Dispenser") for 80 redemption devices + automatic prizes shop.
  • 2014
    The total amount of FECs using CashFusion grew over 100
  • 2015
    Development and installation of a payment for services and loyalty management system CashFusion 4.0 based on 4" LCD terminals, with the ability to work and use a system from a smartphone.
  • 2016
    Automation of an open-air amusement park of 40,000 m2, using 7" LCD terminals.
  • 2017
    Development of a payment system upon the fact of visitor's stay at the profit points via bluetooth-bracelets.

Possibilities of CashFusion

CashFusion system technologies allow to adapt it almost to any retail business selling services. Each solution is unique - just as every business is. Describe the questions you would like to solve, and we will offer you a solution that will be the most effective for your business.

Family entertainment centers, children's entertainment centers, amusement parks, rollerdromes, ice rinks, water parks, family leisure centers

Nightclubs, anti-cafe, zones with pay-for-stay, billiard rooms and bowlings, SPA-salons, recreational centers

Concerts, music festivals, conferences, sport events, any sport competions

Educational centers, schools, colledge and universities

And any other businesses based on payment for entry or stay, with different tariffs in different zones (rooms), both in closed and open areas. We want you to trust us, so we have posted a description of the most interesting projects and tasks that were successfully solved within the project. You can obtain confirmation of our competence from any of the authors of the reviews.

More than 100 completed projects

4000 pieces of equipment automated
100 000 hour of 24/7 customer support
5 000 000 registered client accounts

Completed projects

Network of FECs "Plastilin"

2005 - Donetsk, 2007 - Luhansk, Mariupol', 2009 - Cherkasy

"In 2005, we were approached by one of the operators of then emerging market of FECs, to automate his facility, and it was necessary to develop a local system of payment for services from scratch for that. There were some already exsisting systems from a couple abroad develpers. But the remote cooperation and slow response of technical support, as well as lack of some marketing functionality was not accepted by operator.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Development and launch of the system from the scratch in 3 months;
  • Discount program, built on 7 different cards with magnetic stripe;
  • Installation of automatic terminals for monitoring the status and replenishment of the account, as well as tokens exchange;
  • Transfer of paper tickets to the client's account through the automatic terminal for ticketing (ticket-eater);
  • Visual client control of all operations with a help of the second client monitor at each cash register;
  • Connecting fiscal registrars (during the usage of the system, three generations of fiscal devices were changed);
  • Synchronization of two and then three entertainment halls with the creation of backup copies;
  • Remote control (automatic messages about the halls' work results to the mobile phone), remote control and results monitoring from anywhere in the world;
  • Management and control game cycle launch of the equipment that is not adapted to the "start / end game" mode: a football table, mini bowling, electronic shooting range, autodrome;
  • Flexible service packages based on the "time card";
  • Shop of prizes;
We continue mutually beneficial cooperation with the operator to this day.

"Fantasy Town"

2010, Chernivtsi

Collaboration with as large corporations, as the "DDG group" - is always a check of the product for compliance with high corporate requirements.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Automated rollerdrome, with payment options just for entrance and for spent time:
  • Calculation of given paper tickets:
  • Electronic prizes shop
  • In 2012, the work of "CashFusion" 2.0 and "CashFusion" 3.0 on one site was combined for the first time.


2010 - outdoor amusement park, 2014 - synchronization with the FEC, Odessa

In 2010, we got a task to automate payment process in the outdoor amusement park in Odessa. Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Huge area of the park - almost 1000 sq.m
  • Low density of machines on the huge area;
  • Wireless payment system, as it was not possible to connect all machines to the network;
  • All the devices were outdoor, and partly - under the open sky, that's why corresponding dust and moisture protection system was developed.
Almost without failures and any problems, the park is still working fine, and gone through, without exaggeration, both fire and water. In 2014, we received a request for the automation of another park in the city from the same customer, with the condition of complete synchronization of the halls. Customers had to have one card, which could be replenished and used in every entertainment center. We coped with this challenge too, successfully combining both objects in our system. Parks continue to work fine to this day.

"Veselyi Vulyk"

2010, 2017, Lviv

First automation of FEC in Lviv. We must say, customer tried other solutions from other teams, and after that returned to us, understanding how unique our system is. Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:


  • Fully wireless payment and loyalty management system CashFusion:
  • Multilevel discount program;
  • Separate bonus account;
  • Displaying the actual amount of payment immediately after the transaction, considering discount and balance of the account;
  • Remote control of the program and its work results from any part of the world;
  • Synchronization between two halls, with the creation of backup copies;
  • Replacement of paper tickets with electronic ones, with direct crediting to the buyer's account;
  • Update of the software part of payment and loyalty management system CashFusion without changes to the hardware

We sincerely thank SoftDrive for its fast and high-quality work, thanks to which we continue our cooperation. Due to the opening of a new facility in Lviv, we, for the second time, turned to SoftDrive with the request to install the CashFusion system, since we were already convinced of its convenience and quality. The workers quickly and successfully installed the system and synchronized between the two halls. At this stage, the system works fine, it is very easy and convenient to use. SoftDrive employees are professionals in their field, quickly respond to any, even small requests and give advice on any occasion. So once again, thanks for the excellent work.

"Veselyi Vulyk"


2011, Donetsk

The largest and longest project in both preparation and implementation time in our portfolio. The main contractor of the project was Belgian company KSS, and the coordination of the specifications began one and a half years before the launch. At the time of opening, this was the largest FEC in Ukraine, with an area of ​​13,500 m2. We managed to win the tender from the leading international suppliers, not only thanks to the price, but also due to the not available functionality in our competitors' products. The real challenge was the launch of the object. In any project, the launch of a payment system is the "last mile". Preparatory work can begin long before the launch, but it is possible to verify the operability of the object only after 100% of devices, turnstiles, electrical networks, SCS are ready. With such a huge amount of work and a few dozen subcontractors only on the night before the launch we got information that the local network only works partially and will not work until the grand opening. On an area of ​​13,500 m2 and with so many devices, we had to work 12 hours without interruption to manually transfer the system to an "offline" emergency operation mode, using the "electronic purse" technology. In addition to the long list of innovations that we can be proud of, we managed to confirm the status of the supplier, who is never in a hopeless situation. Due to successful verification of our possibilities, the customer contacted us at the launch of his next facility in Mariupol, to install CashFusion there and to configure the synchronization of that two objects. Most of the tasks listed below were solved for the first time not only in Ukraine, but also in the world.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Automated ice rink, with the pledge for rental equipment and payment for goods, fines;
  • Completely wireless complex, built on its own, unique protocol with processing several hundred transactions per second;
  • RFID cards;
  • 130 sets of equipment for entertainment devices;
  • Installation of 6 cash units;
  • Installation of 27 sets of equipment for turnstiles;
  • 5 information terminals;
  • Automated prizes shop using electronic tickets on 53 redemption devices;
  • Fiscal sale of goods and services;
  • The functions of pledge, fine, sale of goods are realized, simultaneously with the use of "Time-card" and a combination of different devices/rides/visits. This gives unlimited tools for managing the loyalty system of FEC visitors. "

It is always pleasant to realize that modern technological products are being created in Ukraine. We met with the "SoftDrive" team before the launch of the Fontura FEC in Donetsk in 2011. We experienced a not quite smooth, but such a long-awaited opening and a large number of promotions afterwards. This partnership is tested precisely in difficult situations. Whichever bold and ambitious tasks we set ourselves, no matter how difficult technical activities, we were always sure that this team of professionals and simply obsessed with the idea of ​​creating a quality product - "SoftDrive" team will help us to make everything in the best way possible. We have always managed to follow the market trends and consumer expectations thanks to the quick and professional reaction of the SoftDrive team. For the first time, the jointly implemented innovative system of accounting "E-tickets" for redemption devices in Ukraine stands apart from other complex tasks set for the guys and successfully implemented. Start the hall with 170 units at opening, create a new marketing tool in a short time or provide support for the new product in a matter of hours - all this is the work of the "SoftDrive" team. Even when we had reason to doubt the success - the guys dispelled our doubts with their professional actions. Already having extensive experience of working with different teams and products, I can safely recommend cooperation with the team "SoftDrive" in Ukraine and abroad.

Evgeny Katkov CEO "FEC Funtura"


More than 10 objects all over Ukraine, since 2012

System partnership is checked only by time and ability to find a compromise in any situation. "Chudo-Park" is the largest customer - we have automated more than ten halls since 2012. Within the framework of cooperation, the main task from the customer was to support the product in the 24/7 mode and adapt to various business models at the customer's enterprises. Given the strong dispersal of the customer's facilities throughout the country, we had to actually prove the reliability of the Cash Fusion system in a variety of conditions and the quality of the service at some sites. We, in fact, became the main customer service department. The high requirements for the system's uninterrupted operation have become for us a serious "challenge", with which we have successfully coped, and we continue successful cooperation at the moment. As a vivid example confirming this, we can cite the automation of the entertaining slot hall located in Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Kharkov.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Mixed services sale system;
  • Payment for entry, payment for time, payment for the game;
  • High noisiness, due to the powerful system of local WI-FI network;
  • High level of interference from large park attractions, such as "roller coaster", etc .;
  • High capacity, which should provide services to the central-city entertainment center for a two-million city;

The wireless version based on our own data transfer protocol CashFusion 3.0 made it possible to choose the most stable data transfer algorithm, which provided high reliability and speed, noise immunity from the entertainment center equipment.

As a owner of the network of children's entertainment centers, I always very careful in choosing partners, because I provide services throughout the country for the most important clients - children. In my opinion, based on the experience of cooperation with many other companies for a long time, at the moment this company is better than others.

Viktoriia Didenko CEO “Chudo-park”

«Fun Zzzone»

2014, Kyiv

In any business, time is money, and in small business it is often a question of the existence. In 2014, 3 weeks before the New Year and, simultaneously, before the launch of the facility, we received an order for the automation of a small children's educational and entertainment center "Fun Zzzone" in the "Art-mall", Kiev. Despite extremely short terms, the facility was launched on time. Within the framework of the project, complex packages of services were implemented for the time of visit, the number of visits, games, with bonuses for the buyer, both for the activity of the game and for the activity of visits over a period of time.

On the New Year eve, when all companies sum up, and at the very beginning of the big crisis, in a precarious financial situation for any business, we opened a children's entertainment center "FunZzzone". The amount of time for the implementation was catastrophically small. But the opening day was appointed, and despite the fact that even the administration of the ArtMall had big doubts, we were open exactly at the planned time. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the SoftDrive team and professionalism, the entire system was established and even managed to develop and additionally introduce a loyalty system than could please the customers of the center even more. With the development, training and constant technical support from SoftDrive, the center works well, quickly pays off and can still develop and improve, adding new developments all the time.

Viktor Chernetskyi CEO «FunZzzone»

«Most Playland»

2016. Dnipro

The first project for the customer of a non-resident of Ukraine. Accordingly, there was an urgent need to meet the international requirements of the operator of several dozens of halls around the world while automating this FEC.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Display of complete customer information using 4" LCD displays;
  • Multilanguage support;
  • Adapt reports and settings to the requirements of a management company operating around the world;
  • High performance of the system to ensure the smooth operation of the FEC, located on the territory of one of the most passable shopping and entertainment centers in Ukraine - Most-City;
  • Joint operation;
  • Payment zones by time, by number of games, time packets with unlimited games;
  • Multi-level bonus system, integrated with the electronic system of issued tickets accounting ;
  • Prizes shop, sale of related goods and services. "

"Extreme park"

2016, Mariupol

In 2016, the team has gotten a task to automate the payment process in the park of extreme outdoor entertainment in Mariupol.

Tasks that were successfully solved within the project:

  • Display of complete customer information using 7 "LCD displays;
  • Additional display elements for additional control of the transaction via video surveillance;
  • Protection of the system hardware from weather conditions of the street;
  • Special nanocoating of the payment module body, repelling water and dirt, protecting from small scratches;
  • Simultaneous support of RFID bracelets and MiFare cards;
  • Recognition of the amount of people playing at the attraction with the help of a digital camera and a neural network;
At the moment, the updated hardware of the system shows a high degree of reliability.

CashFusion Calculator

Payment and loyalty management system


Number of cash registers and work places to equip with CashFusion system


The number of individual playing places (according to the number of coin receivers), turnstiles (taking into account two sets for each, entrance and exit)


At first glance, the payment system is an internal tool of the company and does not have a recoupment period, such as parking, bathrooms, traffic zones for recreation etc. Does the CashFusion payment system create an additional value for which the customer is willing to pay more? Strangely enough - yes, and the profitability of the "CashFusion" system is easy to calculate.

1. The balances on debit accounts are money that your customers trusted you with, but did not use to get services or goods. In properly configured sales funnel for a repeated visit, the buyer leaves up to 10% of the money spent (at the same time they are his reserve).
2. Increase in the density of cash flow - the "CashFusion" system allows you to make purchases faster, get services faster, increasing traffic at least twice. Of course, this only can happens if all other service delivery tools work with the same performance.
3. Improving the quality of the service - additional control over the transactions and the actions of the personnel allows to solve close to 100% questions that arose when the service was received. After all, if you cancel a transaction, you don't return money, you return the opportunity to get another service. The absence of negativity is much more important for the conversion of the visitor to a regular customer than the availability of competitive advantages.

Depending on your business model, the recoupment of payment and loyalty management system CashFusion's lies within 4-6 months, and after the end of your payback period, the system directly reduces the payback period of the basic product or service. Simply having a system for which you adapted your business does not guarantee any results, as it can only be achieved only fine-tuning the payment and loyalty managing system CashFusion to your business. More than a decade of experience in maintaining the customer system allows us to integrate CashFusion considering strengths of your business.

Technologies of SoftDrive

Local billing systems

.NET, NodeJS, C++, Qt, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Office OpenXML

Business-class web and native applications

NodeJS, MongoDB, Meteor, HTML5+CSS3, TypeScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, Material Design, AWS, Google Apps integration

Sensors and navigation

Software and hardware for embedded networking systems. STM/Atmel based hardware, RFID, WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, Custom RF. Telit and SIMCOM GSM, GPS. C++11

Access control systems

STM based hardware, RFID, WiFi, BLE. Telit GSM. C++11, vehicle monitoring systems and integration

Logistics applications and integration

NET Windows App, C++/Qt, NodeJS, TypeScript, Android Java App, Docker, Mapping/GIS development, 1C integration, Encryption

Offline retail automation and marketing solutions

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